ODD topics – adapting the TEI documentation with one’s own examples

Once the decision has been taken to build up an ODD schema that documents the usages of the TEI guidelines within a given digital humanities project, a first step towards customising the guidelines can be to adapt the documentation to reflect the specific practices of the project. A good way to do so is to work specifically on the examples associated to element description, which can easily be changed in the ODD specification.

Let us imagine we create a simple specification for a dictionary project, thus integrating the modules: core, tei, header, textstructure and dictionaries. We can add a specification that changes the element <entry> as follows:

<elementSpec ident="entry" mode="change">
      <egXML xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/Examples">
               <entry xml:it="e-chat" xml:lang="fr">

What we have done here is basically two-fold:

  • Mark that we change the specification of the element by means of the @mode attribute set to “change” on the <elementSpec> element;
  • Introduce an <exemplum> element with the example we want to record for this element.

When compiled to create an XHTML output, all pre-existing examples for from the TEI guidelines are replaced by the one(s), that have been introduced that way (see screenshot below).

See the full ODD example under:


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